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Sensory Toolbox Project - We need your help!

Aupeer is autistic led. We are all neurodivergent adults who have had negative experiences of waiting for appointments in areas that are noisy, busy and overwhelming. Coupled with the other stressors that come with attending appointments this can be really difficult to cope with.

The experience and anticipation of being in such an environment has at times led to avoidance of important healthcare and wellbeing appointments.

We'd like to develop a free to use sensory tool box that health care services can keep in their waiting areas.

The toolboxes would be for use by people experiencing sensory challenges while accessing health and wellbeing appointments, such as the GP surgery or opticians, but we’d like to hear from neurodivergent adults in particular.

Lived Experience

At Aupeer everything we do is guided by the lived experience of our peers.

We need the help of you, our peers, to inform us as to what challenges you as neurodivergent adults face in waiting areas and the tools you'd like to see in the toolbox, such as stimming tools or ear defenders.

Some questions we need help to answer:

  • What do you find most challenging about waiting areas?

  • Would you use items from a free sensory toolbox?

  • What items would find useful in a sensory toolbox?

  • Any barriers you feel would stop you from asking for the toolbox and using the items?

Let Us Know!

You can let us know your thoughts in several ways.

  • Your thoughts could be written down and emailed to us .

  • Film yourself and send us the video of your ideas.

  • Send us pictures showing challenges (these could be from actual services you have used!).

  • Send pictures of items you have found useful.

  • Complete our survey (link below).

How to contact us:

Your responses will be used to directly shape what items will be available and in what form. We are aiming to close responses on the 31st of July.

Thank you for your help!


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