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Please help keep Aupeer CIC running and delivering our important and much needed services.

Donate what you can via the PayPal and  Buy Me A Coffee buttons below or get in touch:

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Why do we need donations?

Aupeer CIC is a community interest company (CIC, pronounced "see-eye-see", or colloquially, "kick") is a form of social enterprise in the United Kingdom intended "for people wishing to establish businesses which trade with a social purpose..., or to carry on other activities for the benefit of the community"


Our core services are free to access online autistic led peer support groups for autistic adults.  We need to keep these groups free for our peers.


We are 100% autistic led, our board and our volunteers are all autistic. 

Aupeer recieves no core funding,  all of us volunteer our time and recieve no salary for the work we do.

We are passionate about making a difference for and with our peers, but we also need to earn a living and we need money to keep Aupeer running.

We have a vision to take Aupeer to a place where we are offering a suite of wellbeing services tailored for autistic people, by donating you will be coming with us on this journey, thank you for your support!

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