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Neurodivergent Reading and Podcast List

We often get asked to signpost peers to useful books etc which can help us understand our live experience and explore further our identities and community.

One of our lovely group members Sue has put together this recommended list of neurodivergent friendlyreading material and podcasts about the neurodivergent experience by neurodivergent creators and allies.

We hope you find these voices useful companion on your own journey. Peer support comes in many forms!

Women reading book with hand out to mottled white and black cat on a fur rug
Reading with cat

Taking off the mask

Dr Hannah Louise Belcher

(Describes itself as the more practical companion to Sedgewick, Hull and Ellis, below, which Belcher describes as a complete guide to the subject)

Autism and Masking

Dr Felicity Sedgewick, Dr Laura Hull, Helen Ellis

Unmasking Autism

Devon Price

Interception and Regulation

Emma Goodhall and Charlotte Brownlow

Women and Girls with autistic spectrum disorder

Sarah Hendrickx

Avoiding anxiety in autistic adults: a guide for autistic wellbeing

Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Adults

Dr Luke Beardon

Spectrum Women

Edited by Barb Cook, Dr Michelle Grant

The Guide to Good mental health on the autistic spectrum

Yenn Purkis

We are not Broken

Eric Michael Garcia


Steve Silberman

Neuroqueer Heresies – a great resource for the language around ND

Nick Walker

Divergent Mind

Jenara Nerenberg


What I want to talk about

Pete Wharmby

Sensory Trauma: Autism, Sensory Difference and The Daily Experience

Dr Rorie Fulton et al

Letters of My Weird Sisters

Joanne Limburg

A Different sort of normal

Abigail Balfe

Different Not Less

Chloe Hayden

Ten Steps to Nanette: A Memoir Situation

Hannah Gadsby

Strong Female Character

Fern Brady

Odd Girl Out

Laura James

The Electricity of Every Living Thing

Katherine May

Drama Queen

Sara Gibbs

Illuminated: Autism and all the things I left unsaid

Melanie Sykes

Late Bloomer

Clem Bastow

Novels/short stories by autistic authors:

Any of the YA books by Elle McNicoll:

- A kind of spark (now on BBC TV)

- Like a Charm

- Like a Curse

- Show us who you are

Geek Girl

Young Adult series

Holly Smale

The Cassandra Complex

Holly Smale

The Right Wavelength

Amber Crewe

Burning Out

Katherine May

Make you mine this Christmas

Lizzie Huxley Jones


Edited by Lizzie Huxley Jones

Podcasts: There are a lot out there, but these stand out:

- The Square Peg Podcast

- The Late Discovered Club

- The Other Autism

- The Neurodivergent Woman Podcast

- The Loudest Girl in the World

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