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Different Kinds of Rest and Burnout Management

How do you rest? What helps you to recharge?

Charlotte having a chat in the video below about how she is exploring rest as a multifaceted activity in her journey towards greater understanding of why she experiences fatigue and burnout as an autistic person.

We are hearing a lot of stories of exhaustion, fatigue and autistic burnout from our peers and it is central challenge for our community, yet we are often prompted to tackle these issues with physical activity and physical rest. This ignores the need to recharge our mental, social, emotional, spiritual and sensory self and doesn’t help us find ways to meet those needs.*

The video was inspired by a great post byThe Chronically Resilient OT on Facebook which opened Charlotte’s thinking up to what rest really means for her as a neurodivergent person and how it means more than seeking physical rest.

The article referenced is excellent and can be seen here:

To our peers, remember!

- Rest is productive

- Rest is necessity

- Rest is multifaceted.

- Rest is empowering

*Always check in with your GP to rule out or help manage any physical causes of fatigue

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