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Delivering autistic led peer support, year 2 of Aupeer CIC.

So year 2 of Aupeer CIC and delivering autistic led peer support has been and gone!

Aupeer CIC Year 2 Overview document front page.

It has been an exceptionally productive year, yet at times it has felt like we were treading water and not moving forward.

Looking back through the year however has been a lovely reminder that this feeling of moving sideways or standing still is sometimes the nature of running a community interest company and our efforts are never wasted. We still continued to provide much needed peer support for our peers while taking positive steps to consolidate and strengthen our company for the furture.

I also believe that this fits with how I personally work and produce, never linear. I learn, process and output in a different way. It makes me proud that this method (it isn't a method really, I have no choice it is just how my brain and body likes to do things!) underpins Aupeer and everything we do.

Thank you to all our peers who have attended our groups this year, to our wonderful volunteers and board members, thank you to all who continue to support us.

Our end of year overview features information about our activities in year 2. The overview is attached in PDF format below.

Aupeer CIC Year 2 (2)
Download PDF • 2.47MB


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