Peer Support 1 to 1

A free online 1-1 peer support session with an autistic peer. One hour


    * Late diagnosis? * Labelled as 'high functioning' so unable to access existing support? * Wondering if you may be autistic or self identifying as autistic? * A recent diagnosis answered one big question, but introduced many more? * Needing to take off the mask for an hour in a positive, safe and confidential space where being an autistic adult is seen as a positive identity, but the challenges are also understood without explanation? * Aged 18+? Book a free one hour 1-1 peer support session with Charlotte, online via Zoom. Charlotte received a late diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome in 2018 as an adult. She experienced a gap in support available post diagnosis which led her to set up Aupeer and lives with the impact of being autistic without recognition into adulthood. Charlotte is a trained peer support worker. She doesn't have all the answers, but knows firsthand that talking helps and that peer support works. It is important to note that the facilitators and peers at Anchor are volunteering, are not professionals and cannot diagnose medical conditions, treat health issues or offer professional advice. Aupeer is not a crisis service, and does not offer therapy or counselling, but exists to compliment professional support. Peer support should not replace professional support. Aupeer CIC cannot take responsibility for personal decisions made by an individual in regards to their own personal wellbeing.